Beetle Totti

Beautiful & Affordable Art For Every Interior.

Whether you are a maximalist a minimalist or anything in between you can style my work to suit your interior.

Here are some beautiful examples of my work in real homes.

Thank you to the amazing people who let me share them with you.

Beetle Totti art by Rachael


Rachael is a visual artist currently living and working in London, UK.

I grew up loving old films full of glamorous and often tragic women.  I subsequently went to school age 5 in a black silk pill box hat with a net veil.  

I dreamt of chartreuse silk and diaphanous lace so I left my small town to study fashion at Central St Martins.

I lived in my sketch books creating stories and illustrating quirky visions but the cut throat world of fashion left me a little cold.

I grew up. I got a ‘proper’ job and put away my pencils.  Then life threw me a few curve balls and I found painting a great way to escape. 

My pictures are of women who I don’t know. I like to think not knowing them allows me and the viewer to create our own narrative of who they are and how they feel. Perhaps the faces are an idealised version of myself and my feelings but with more elegant features and much better clothes”.